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Solar Energy

Welcome to Abundancy partners - the Sustainability, Resilience and Wellbeing website. Our site has been created with the intention of providing a comprehensive guide to Sustainability, Resilience and Wellbeing, where interested parties can find all the information and links they need. The resources we are blessed with are the foundations of our existence, but their depletion is a sign of the weakness of our efforts to reach a level of sustainability thus far. Future sustainability is now no longer a suggestion, or even a worthy cause, it is now an undeniable cultural and social responsibility that will affect all of our processes, laws, and other aspects of our societies and on-going coexistence. The goal for humanity is survival, and with our environment reaching a tipping point over the next century, survival can only be ensured by finally realizing the ideal of sustainability. This will have to include changes to behaviours at the individual level, the social level, the corporate level, and the political level.

Individuals need to set goals that can be reached in order to help restore the global ecosystem, facilitate healthy living, and minimize the impact on our local environment. We need to engage in our activities that will not impact the globe, nor our future. We need to take a new look at the daily decisions we make about food and water consumption, transport, recycling, and above all, our energy use. New technologies such as photovoltaic solar panels, and wind turbines, can help us achieve this. We are always happy to hear your views and feedback regarding our Sustainability, Resilience and Wellbeing website.