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Simple Rules to Better Personal Money Management

Simple Rules to Better Personal Money Management


Managing personal finances effectively is one of the best skills anyone can learn early in life. And yet, it is not something that many take the time to learn until much later. If you want to achieve financial independence or at the very least avoid money woes, now is always a good time start building a financial cushion. Here are some of the simple rules to personal money management that can go a long way in helping you earn, save, and invest more.

Watch your spending. Mindless spending could result to a lot of needless waste of your money. Keeping track of your expenses allow you to see where your money goes. This makes it easier to make adjustments, if needed, to stop unnecessary spending that make it harder for you to save more.

Be smart with credit card use. A credit card has its practical uses. But if not used wisely, it could lead to a lot of potential money problems. You have to control how you use it instead of mindlessly buying anything given how it easy it is to just swipe your card. If you want to avoid paying huge amounts of money for purchases not to mention the interests, consider using it only when absolutely necessary. Plan purchases ahead and avoid impulse buying using it

Keep within budget. A budget is one of the basics of personal money management. Your budget provides a good reference point as to how much money you can actually spend on essentials and whatever miscellaneous items you have earmarked. Without a budget, you can easily spend more than what you should thus making it more difficult to set aside money for savings or emergencies.

Pay in cash or use debit cards. Some people find it harder to part with their money than swiping credit cards. Try to pay in cash or use debit cards so it would be easier for you to keep track of how much money you are spending at any given day.

Live frugally. Frugal living does not have to mean starving yourself at times or giving up some of the comforts you need. It is about being wise with how you choose you spend your money. One of the ways to live more frugally is to take the time to find the best deals when shopping. You can also check for promotional offers before making a purchase. Another way is to find ways to repurpose or reuse items you have at home before heading out to the store to buy something new.

How Your Thoughts Impact Abundance in Your Life

How Your Thoughts Impact Abundance in Your Life

Thomas Edison quoteMuch has been said about how people’s thoughts shape their lives. Everyone may have different beliefs or views on this. But it is an idea worth exploring, or at the very least, reflecting on even for a moment. There is nothing wrong with paying more attention to your thoughts as opposed to thinking mindlessly for most of the time. You might be surprised how doing this can improve your life.

Bad things happen to anyone at anytime. And it would be unrealistic to say that you cannot think about negative things at all. You have to acknowledge and learn from them, if needed. But dwelling on negative thoughts set you up for a cycle of negativity. Focusing on a negative thought far longer than you should only makes it seem worse. It is like ruining an entire day for something bad that happened. Instead of dwelling on unpleasant things that happened to you at any given time, using daily positive thoughts to uplift and keep you motivated can help you stay focused on the things that matter to you.

Practicing gratitude is also one of the many ways to manifest wealth and abundance. It builds the habit of focusing on the good things in your life. It’s only when you pay more attention to what you have rather than what you don’t have that you begin to appreciate your life more. It can also motivate you to achieve your goals to get more of what you desire most in life. There should be a lot you can be grateful for. Waking up on a new day, having food and shelter, and having a job that provides you with the means to support your needs are just some of the things you can be thankful for.

Learning to be happy with what you have gives you a much better appreciation of the smallest things that come your way. Happiness breeds positive thoughts that enable you to focus on the possibilities of what you can do to manifest wealth and abundance in your life.
Taking Control of Your Life

Comparing yourself with others and using wealth or abundance as measuring stick is a self-defeating habit. It can also potentially lead to envy or arrogance given how there will always be people who are better off or less fortunate than you. To manifest wealth and abundance in your own life, you have to take control of your actions. Concentrating on what you can do to succeed in your goals is a much better use of your time, energy, and resources.